With our thermography inspection services, we use high-resolution infrared thermal imaging of electrical, mechanical and structural components.






Thermal Imaging Services

Experience the efficiency of thermography in NL with our high-resolution infrared thermal imaging services available near you. This fast, reliable, and accurate technique enables non-destructive and non-contact assessments of electrical, mechanical, and structural components, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Don’t just get an opinion – ‘get the picture ‘!

Past clients have included companies in commercial, industrial and marine environments.  ANDI (formerly ATI) has developed a reputation in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) for its thermal imaging services due to our experience, professionalism and detailed reports.

  • Thermographic Inspections: Inspect electrical systems for insurance, safety, commissioning, maintenance (including predictive), and baselining (new and refurbished systems)
  • Assess mechanical applications (motors, boilers, bearings …)
  • Conduct pipe detecting & tracing and diagnostics services (in-floor systems, leak detection, blockages …)
  • Identify water infiltration (leak tracing and damage)
  • Complete detailed building assessments (commission, insulation integrity and deficiencies, energy loss …)
  • Cold air intrusion
  • And much more – ask about any specific concerns not identified
Infrared Sensing: Steam trap heating problem
Infrared Sensing: Properly laid In-floor heating
Infrared Sensing: Exterior building heat loss
Infrared Sensing: Resistance heating on connector
Infrared Sensing: Degraded fuse holder
Infrared Sensing: Moisture in roof

Samples of  rapid analysis (thermal imaging) illustrating problem areas like steam buckets, in-floor heating, structural, roof thermal imaging, and high heat circuits

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