About Advanced Non-Destructive, Inc. (ANDI)

Our trained and certified operators use the latest in non-destructive technologies to provide comprehensive non-destructive services within commercial and industrial markets

What We Offer

Our Services

  • Concrete Scanning
  • Utility Detection, Mapping
  • Utility Detection, Marking
  • Thermography
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)

    Our Technologies

    • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
    • Utility Detection System
    • Infrared Thermal Imaging
    • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

    Our Reports

    • High-resolution images
    • Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis.
    • Recommendations

    About Advanced Non-Destructive, Inc. (ANDI)

    Atlantic Canada’s Premier Non-Destructive Service Company

    ANDI is owned and operated by Anthony J. Walsh.  Anthony has been operating  Advanced Thermal Imaging Inc. (ATI) since its incorporation in 2009.  ATI began its business offering thermal imaging to the residential market and rapidly progressed to the commercial and industrial sectors in structural, electrical, mechanical and marine environments.  Changes in industry demand have driven the evolution of the company.  ATI is no longer just a thermal imaging company; it has become a non-destructive technical company employing the latest in non-destructive technologies.

    The name change and rebrand to Advanced Non-Destructive Inc. (ANDI) reflect this development and will encompass more accurately the type of business and services it now provides.

    Non-destructive Services

    Non-destructive services are fast becoming the tool of choice within the commercial, industrial, and marine markets to help save money, increase project activities, and increase safety. The demand for these services is rising and businesses – like construction companies, engineering firms, facility management companies, manufacturing companies, and government inspection services – have learned (sometimes the hard way) about the value of non-destructive services and their inherent benefits. Non-destructive testing is a crucial tool to help organizations examine structures in different stages of their lifecycle to help ensure compliance and consistency and integrity. Non-destructive testing helps take the guesswork out of each project, saving time and money while increasing safety.

    “At Advanced Non-Destructive, Inc., we continue to expand our portfolio, our geographic coverage, and our record of customer satisfaction .

    Anthony Walsh, Owner, Certified Level II Thermographer & Level II XRF Operator

    ANDI clients range from Newfoundland and Labrador to Alberta.

    Here is a partial list of environments and types of clients that have benefited from our services. 

    Environments (interior and exterior)

    Concrete scanning services for reinforcements, structural thickness, conduit, voids, and more inside concrete and masonry structures. This includes towers, concrete slabs and walls, masonry walls, pillars, columns, and much more. and applies to buildings under construction or to those needing repairs or upgrades.

    Utility detection services for subsurface structures like power lines, grounding cables, pipes and more. Used for detecting, tracing and mapping power lines from or into a structure to high voltage power substations.

    Thermography (infrared thermal imaging) on interior and/or exterior of buildings, structures and electrical systems including manufacturing facilities like fish plants, milk production, offshore production facilities, schools, municipal building, government buildings, in-floor heating tracing and problem detection.





    Environment companies, engineering and consulting engineering companies, manufacturing companies, government departments (provincial and federal), construction companies, port authorities, freezer facilities, mining, utility substations, provincial medical facilities, inspections, fire protection companies, electrical companies, excavation companies, sawing and coring companies, equipment installation companies, heating and plumbing companies, manufacturing such as fish plants and milk productions companies, power generating stations, dams and spillways, tank farms, piers, lighthouses, manufacturing and storage facilities for the offshore, marine vessels (ferries, trawlers, MV’s, coast guard, etc.), dockyards, industrial complexes, contractors, real estate companies, property management companies, and many more commercial and industrial clients.

    non-destructive services

    Meet Anthony Walsh

    Anthony Walsh, Owner

    ANDI owner, Anthony Walsh, has a background in heavy construction and renovation.

    He holds a degree from Memorial University and current certifications in Level II Thermography and Level II XRF technologies.

    He also has current safety training and certification to help ensure workplace safety.

    Only the Best

    Concrete Scanning

    Offering concrete scanning services using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) specificity designed to image inside concrete and masonry structures, then using special equipment to create high-resolution 2D and 3D maps of the internal structures.

    Utility Detection

    Using high-quality utility detection and mapping systems to detect and map subsurface utilities or to mark utilities before placement for easier location. This technology can be combined with concrete scanning to help detect energized utilities, conduits and cables. 

    Thermography (Infrared Scanning)

    Providing high-resolution Infrared Thermal Imaging for electrical, mechanical, and structural systems to commercial, industrial and marine environments.

    Positive Material Identification (PMI)

    Using X-ray Flourescence Analysis (XRF Equipment) to offer screening for metal alloy materials using quick, non-destuctive analysis to create a precise record of metal components.

    Advanced Thermal Imaging (ATI) Established

    Completed Projects

    “The need for non-destructive services is growing worldwide and we are at the forefront of the industry, especially in Newfoundland  and Labrador, and the rest of Atlantic Canada.  ANDI will stay on the leading edge of  the non-destructive sector by continuing to incorporate new technologies and services to better support our clients.”

    Anthony Walsh, Owner, Certified Level II Thermographer & Level II XRF Operator

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    Advanced Non-Destructive Inc. (ANDI) 

    When it comes to non-destructive technologies, ANDI goes above and beyond for its valued clients.