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Non-destructive services help ensure compliance, improve safety and save money by providing a more detailed investigation of structural integrity.

About Our Services

Relationships with our clients begin with a consultaton to identify requirements and determine how we can best support those objectives as well as identify other related functions we can provide.

Each of our service agreements includes two phases:

  1.  On-site inspection by our trained and conscientious staff
  2.  Delivery of quantitative and qualitative reports with detailed analysis and scans

Read the descriptions below for more specific details of our services.   Contact us directly for more information.

Concrete Scanning

We use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) specifically designed to capture images through concrete and masonry structures and deliver high-resolution 2D or 3D image mapping for professional reports and/or presentations.

Types of Inspection include:

  • Concrete Inspection to locate both metallic and non-metallic targets in walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Structural Inspection of buildings, bridges, towers, garages, tunnels, balconies, decks, piers, columns, monuments, and more
  • Masonry Inspection to locate and map rebar, filled cells, empty cells and other reinforcements
  • Other Inspections such as Condition Assessment, Structure Thickness, Void and Crack Location and Mapping
Concrete Scanning: Masonry inspection
Concrete Scanning: Mapping for conduit and pipe coring
Concrete Scanning: Mapping for large equipment installation
Concrete Scanning: Mapping for trenching

Scanning images showing detection and mapping of reinforcements and other targets inside concrete and masonry structures.

Utility Detection

ANDI now offers two distinct but related Utility Detection Services:

  • Detection and Mapping Services
  • 3M Locating and Marking System

Advanced Non-Destructive Inc. (ANDI) continues to offer its utility detection services using the reliable and accurate Ridgid utility detection system.

We are pleased to announce that we have added to our professional utility detection services to offer the 3M specialized locating and marking system.  We are the local reps for the 3M Specialized Location and Marking system and can support you through both sales and installation.

Utility Detection Services – Detection and Mapping

Specialized utility equipment is used to detect and map energized utilities below ground.

Our trained and certified operators conduct utility detection services to help detect energized and even energized cables. For an unenergized line, in some conditions, a signal can be added to a utility and traced.    Our high-quality equipment, diverse knowledge and experience working in a wide range of environments, and a customer base that consistently recommends our services, make us a leading company in utility detection services.

NOTE:  Our utility detection services are offered for utilities not serviced by local utility companies. ANDI DOES NOT offer video inspection of utilities or trace sewer systems. Contact your local utility company for requirements and permissions for detection and mapping of their utilities. In Newfoundland, contact Newfoundland Power.

  • Achieve a new level of certainty for detecting utilities including electrical conduit, buried electrical cables, metal pipes, and other conductive materials.
  • Locate, map and provide relative depth of detected utilities before digging, cutting or drilling (for utilities not serviced by utility companies)
Utility Detection: Substation electrical & grounding cables
Utility Detection: Electrical & water lines
Utility Detection: Substation grounding cables under snow
Utility Detection: Electrical and data lines
Utility Detection: Electrical from substation

Samples of utility detection images showing mapping of subsurface electrical, water pipes, grounding cables, and other utilities

Utility Detection Services – Locating and Marking

ANDI now offers two distinct but related Utility Detection Services:

  • Detection and Mapping Services
  • 3M Locating and Marking System

Advanced Non-Destructive Inc. (ANDI) continues to offer its utility detection services using the reliable and accurate Ridgid utility detection system.

We are pleased to announce that we have added to our professional utility detection services to offer the 3M Specialized Locating and Marking system, which offers markers that allow detection of non-conductive materials (e.g. PVC, concrete, or fibreglass), non-energized power lines or low power equipment (e.g. communication lines or 12V/24V systems) and make it easier to locate systems in the event of environmental, utility depth and shielding, or the many other conditions can hamper utility detection.

ANDI and 3M will provide you with specialized marker system tape, balls, and tags that are buried with the utilities, it’s as simple as that. Using 3M’s advanced receiver these marker systems can be easily detected many years into the future. Bury it and forget it until you need to know the utility location. When you need it, ANDI can quickly and accurately locate it for you.

Advanced Non-Destructive Inc. (ANDI) is your local supplier, representative, and adviser for 3M marker products. Contact Anthony (Tony) Walsh today for further product information and pricing. Tony will be happy to assist you in determining the type and quantity of 3M marker products you will need for your projects.


Thermography uses high-resolution infrared thermal imaging of electrical, mechanical and structural components.  It is fast, reliable, accurate, non-destructive and non-contact (imaging is performed at a distance).

Don’t just get an opinion – ‘get the picture ‘!

Past clients have included companies in commercial, industrial and marine environments.  ANDI (formerly ATI) has developed a reputation in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) for its thermal imaging services due to our experience, professionalism and detailed reports.

  • Inspect electrical systems for insurance, safety, commissioning, maintenance (including predictive), and baselining (new and refurbished systems)
  • Assess mechanical applications (motors, boilers, bearings …)
  • Conduct pipe tracing and diagnostics services (in-floor systems, leak detection, blockages …)
  • Identify water infiltration (leak tracing and damage)
  • Complete detailed building assessments (commission, insulation integrity and deficiencies, energy loss …)
  • Cool air intrusion
  • And much more – ask about any specific concerns not identified
Infrared Sensing: Steam trap heating problem
Infrared Sensing: Properly laid In-floor heating
Infrared Sensing: Exterior building heat loss
Infrared Sensing: Resistance heating on connector
Infrared Sensing: Degraded fuse holder
Infrared Sensing: Moisture in roof

Samples of  rapid analysis (thermal imaging) illustrating problem areas like steam buckets, in-floor heating, structural, roofs, and high heat circuits

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is particularly suited for rapid quality screening from small to large volumes of metal alloy materials. ANDI’s trained technicians use X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) to offer a fast and completely non-destructive analysis method to provide a precise record of metal components.  We will provide you with a full report of each item with alloy element concentrates and material identification.

Whatever industry you are in, alloy component reliability, traceability, and safety are of the utmost importance. Whether you need to test a few small fittings or hundreds of large items, a Positive Material Identification (PMI) and verification program can help reduce or eliminate costly alloy mix-ups. PMI can help improve product quality and safety and reduce downtime and costs to help ensure that your delivered or manufactured products are within specifications for the proper alloy mix. It will help ensure the safety of the products for your company and your clients, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.

  • Identify and verify metal alloys with full chemical analysis
  • Screen piping, fittings, and many other components for petrochemical industries, marine environment, manufacturing, engineering, product development, inspections, product in-storage verification, product delivery verification, and many more.
  • Ensure correct metal alloy mix according to any specifications
  • Test different alloy types of wires and solders as well as alloy products prior to repair, reuse, or recycling
  • Analyze consumer products – including toys – for heavy metals
  • Evaluate jewelry for gold, copper, and lead content, and gold jewelry for carat rating
  • Our equipment is portable and can be used just about anywhere including factory floor, shipping docks, stockrooms, store counters, storage areas (interior/exterior), and more.
  • PMI has many other applications.  Contact us about the requirements for your specific conditions.

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