Concrete Scanning

We use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) specifically designed to capture images through concrete and masonry structures and deliver high-resolution 2D or 3D image mapping for professional reports and/or presentations.

Types of Inspection

Concrete Inspection

Structural Inspection

Masonry Inspection

Other Inspections

GPR Scanning Services

Experience our specialized Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scanning Services near you in NL, tailored to capture detailed images through concrete and masonry structures. Our services provide high-resolution 2D or 3D image mapping, ensuring professional reports and presentations with unparalleled precision.

Types of Inspection include:

  • Concrete Inspection to locate both metallic and non-metallic targets in walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Structural Inspection of buildings, bridges, towers, garages, tunnels, balconies, decks, piers, columns, monuments, and more
  • Masonry Inspection to locate and map rebar, filled cells, empty cells and other reinforcements
  • Other Inspections such as Condition Assessment, Structure Thickness, Void and Crack Location and Mapping
Concrete Scanning: Masonry inspection
Concrete Scanning: Mapping for conduit and pipe coring
Concrete Scanning: Mapping for large equipment installation
Concrete Scanning: Mapping for trenching

Scanning images showing detection and mapping of reinforcements and other targets inside concrete and masonry structures.

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