Atlantic Canada’s Premier Non-Destructive Service Company

Advanced Non-Destructive, Inc. (ANDI)

Our trained and certified operators use the latest in non-destructive technologies to provide comprehensive non-destructive technical services within commercial and industrial markets.

Concrete Scanning

Using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to scan inside concrete and masonry structures


Utility Detection

Detect and map subsurface utilities including substation groundings and many other utilities.


High resolution infrared thermal imaging of electrical, mechanical and structural elements


Our Services

ANDI is Atlantic Canada’s premier non-destructive service provider. Our personnel have the training and technologies to help clients improve safety, productivity, and resource efficiencies.  We continually expand our services in response to client needs and the availability of new technologies.


Non-Destructive Technologies

ANDI prides itself on staying current and using the latest in non-destructive technologies to support our valued clients. We continue to evaluate and incorporate emerging non-destructive technologies and to find new applications for existing ones.


Comprehensive Reports

Through our non-destructive testing, we are able to offer high-resolution images and detailed analysis.  These reports help ensure compliance, quality, structural integrity and more, with detailed information that saves time and money.  

Our Story

Advanced Non-Destructive Inc. (ANDI) is already Newfoundland and Labrador’s homegrown premier non-destructive service provider, and we are just getting started. ANDI has grown from a thermal imaging company to a non-destructive technical service company offering the latest non-destructive technologies to companies not only in Newfoundland and Labrador but across Canada. 

Traditional structure and site analyses rely on destructive methods, which can have unintentional consequences like damages, injuries, or worse.   Companies and workers using destructive methods are going in blind without information about vital or unsafe utilities, and other structures that lurk beneath the surface waiting for the uninformed. These types of unintentional events can be very costly in time and money and can lead to unsafe conditions.  ANDI’s non-destructive technologies can reduce risk by providing stakeholders with both quantitative (images) and qualitative (data) analysis.  Our clients gain vital information on the structure to plan their projects more safely and efficiently.

ANDI has demonstrated its value by helping clients ensure safety and make the best use of their resources. We have shown many companies how improve safety and avoid costly mistakes.  We value our clients and continue to develop our capacity and services to support their changing needs.


Our concrete scanning services help clients ensure subcontractors are following structural plans and mapping any deficiencies. ANDI has helped contractors keep buildings – including  schools and other structures – safe by providing analysis (detection and mapping) of concrete and masonry reinforcements. ANDI provides clients crucial information when they need to cut, core, or trench concrete structures.  We’ve conducted analysis on buildings, pads, dams, towers, vaults, and much more. Whether it’s new construction or refurbishing, ANDI can help. 

Our utility detection services let clients such as utility companies map subsurface utilities like ground cables, substation utilities, building utilities (interior and exterior), and many other types of energized or conductive utilities. ANDI has the experience and expertise to handle any utility detection needs.

Our thermal imaging services have proven very effective in helping keep manufacturing and other facilities operational thus preventing downtime. It has provided in-floor heating tracing for inspections and equipment installations, supported engineering firms and contractors performing building assessments, and allowed companies to trace pipes, mechanical & electrical problem detections.  ANDI’s thermal imaging can support these services and much more.

What people are saying about us…

“I’ve known Tony for years and watched him grow this company from a seed. He is dependable, knowledgeable and professional in everything he does.”

Stephen Parsons

Managing Partner, InnovaIT Web Services

“Having worked with Anthony Walsh for several years now, I can attest to his reliable and dependable service. The work speaks for itself and is always handled in a professional and educated manner.”

Brandon Russell

Manager, Technical Services, St. John’s Port Authority

“Tony has worked for me on numerous projects, and I found him to be very reliable and knowledgeable.  I look forward to working together on future projects.”

Steve Rogers

Owner, RS Rogers (1980) LTD

“I’ve worked with Tony for a number of years and have always found his work to be extremely detailed and highly professional.”

Terry Power,

Owner, J & T Construction

“My team and I have worked with Tony to perform several thermal scans on our customer’s vessels.  We have found him to be very knowledgeable, professional and safety-conscious.  When we have had unforseen scheduling conflicts, Tony has made changes in his schedule to help us out. He has always delivered reports in a timely manner. I will continue to use his services and would definitely recommend him to anyone who requires his services.”

Jim Skinner

Electrical Supervisor, Newdock, St. John’s, Newfoundland

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Advanced Non-Destructive Inc. (ANDI) 

Non-Destructive technologies have been proven to increase safety and to save time and money.  Contact us to learn how ANDI can help you take the guesswork out of project management.